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5. März 2017

For the fifth year now, Crochetville is taking a blog tour on March. Each year, they have a theme. This time it is A-Glamping We Will Go, i.e. glamorous camping.

I have to admit, my experience with glamorous camping is limited to seeing it on tv - but I love following the blog tour! You can get a glimpse of a lot of designers, find out about yarn companies...


On my blog, you'll find the interview series I started this year to accompany the My Year of Mitts subscription - interviews with hand-dyers of the yarns I used and other creatives. And then, I talk about my latest projects and other crochet-related things.


In honor of the blog tour, I have a weekly raffle on my blog.

There are two ways you can participate.

  1. Tell me (in the comments) about your favorite pattern of mine and what you like about it and win a copy!
  2. Show me a project you made from one of my patterns (link to your Ravelry project page, including a photo) and win a pattern of your choice!

During March, I will draw weekly winners from everyone participating (every Friday).


Note: To avoid spamming, I'm sorting all comments by hand, so it might take up to a day until your comment actually shows up here.

Wie Gemalt - a pattern of My Year of Mitts hat im März (dem Häkelmonat) die fünfte Blogtour, bei der sie jeden Tag Designer, Garnhersteller und andere häkelrelevante Leute vorstellen.

Dieses Jahr ist das Thema "A-Glamping We Go", wobei Glamping eine Art Luxuscamping ist.

Ich muss gestehen, ich kenne Glamping höchstens aus dem Fernsehen, aber die Blogtour ist klasse!


Auf meinem Blog habe ich dieses Jahr eine Interviewserie zu den Garnen, die ich in meinem Abo My Year of Mitts verwende, und mit anderen Kreativen. Außerdem erzähle ich hier über meine aktuellen Projekte und andere Häkeldinge.


Begleitend zur Blogtour habe ich auf meinem Blog eine wöchentliche Verlosung, bei der Ihr auf zwei Arten teilnehmen könnt.

  1. Schreib einen Kommentar und sage mir, welche meiner Anleitungen Dir am besten gefällt - und gewinne sie mit etwas Glück!
  2. Zeige mir ein Projekt, das Du nach meiner Anleitung gearbeitet hast (link zur Ravelryprojektseite mit Foto) und gewinne eine Anleitung Deiner Wahl!

Die Auslosung ist jeden Freitag (die letzte vielleicht auch erst am 1.4., weil ich den Tag auf der H&H verbringe).


Die Kommentare schalte ich per Hand frei, um Spam zu vermeiden, deshalb kann es bis zu einem Tag dauern, bis ein Kommentar hier auch sichtbar ist.

Johannes aus "Mein gehäkelter Kuschelzoo"

--- Interview with Wollbonbon


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  • Rachel B (Donnerstag, 09. März 2017 05:11)

    I love the Surfing the Clouds wrap.

    The purple that you chose for yours is lovely. I really like the variations in the lace as you move down the wrap. I have two skiens of silk that have been searching for a project. I think your would be perfect!

  • Claudia Bergermann (Mittwoch, 08. März 2017 07:44)

    Ich finde das Tuch Wachsend besonders schön, weil es so groß und schlicht ist. Gleichzeitig ist es sehr elegant und raffiniert!

  • Missy Schmidt (Montag, 06. März 2017 21:21)

    I am in love with the cables in your Rotweinknoten!!! I would love to win a copy!

  • Bethany (Montag, 06. März 2017 05:55)

    Oh my goodness, it's definitely surfing the clouds. I don't know if I can make that but I'd love to try!

  • Virginia Champion (Montag, 06. März 2017 03:51)

    Really like Surfing the Clouds shawl. Think it would be interesting to make.

  • Ann (Montag, 06. März 2017 02:20)

    I agree with the pattern you chose as your favorite for the interview. I'm so curious to see how Hohenhof comes together!

  • Nora Helma (Montag, 06. März 2017 00:52)

    I was having a hard time deciding which pattern I like best as they are all so pretty and unique. Then I saw your Blinking Peacock shawl. It is absolutely stunning. I have always loved peacocks. The colorway is so true to life. It really does look like peacock feathers. Beautiful!

  • Maria Torres (Montag, 06. März 2017 00:25)

    Petra is awesome. I like the asymmetry of the stripes of the gloves

  • Pamela Jones (Montag, 06. März 2017 00:09)

    Love your Blinking Peacock shawl. So very unusual.

  • Pamela Jones (Montag, 06. März 2017 00:03)

    Love your Surfing the Clouds Shawl. It is so very delicate looking. It would be perfect to wear to my granddaughters wedding.

    Also, your Blinking Peacock shawl is amazing. It is so different from any other shawl I have seen. Really unusual.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your gorgeous patterns.

  • Amy Shelton (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 23:52)

    Thank you for being a part of our blog tour again, Tanja!

  • Annie Brodrick (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 23:13)

    Greetings Tanja, I am inspired by your technique and your unique style. It was hard to choose a favorite as Comet spoke to me with its movement & curves somewhat akin to knotwork. Harald who looks as though he is wearing beautiful Wings. Thank you for sharing your work!

  • Jessica D (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 21:41)

    I really love the Normalparabel! I like how big it is and how the lines work out. It's very appealing to the eyes :)
    i_love_books at aol dot com

  • Karleen Page (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 21:32)

    All of your patterns are great, but I think I like Igel the best - it looks like it would be an interesting challenge!

  • Ginny Brennan (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 20:47)

    I love Guido! It's such an adorable pattern and I have 2 small Grandsons I would make Guido for!

  • J. Vincent (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 20:10)

    Your favorite pattern ... and what you like about it :
    Some excellent designs there on your pages! I narrowed my favourites down to Fish on a Treasure Hunt, Pastos, and Auryn, and my top favourite would be the Fish on a Treasure Hunt. Really, really interesting patterns!

  • Patricia Panuccio (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 19:59)

    They are all wonderful. My absolute favorite is Wie Gemalt.

  • Shauna Clark (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 19:22)

    I love that you're taking part in the Blog Tour this year as I've been a big fan of your fingerless mitt patterns for a while. I've had Comet and Consider Owls bookmarked forever. I also love your Surfing the Clouds shawl pattern as it was the first time I had ever seen crocheted lace that delicate. It's on my "I'm going to make this one day when I'm good enough" list.


  • cawingcrow (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 18:47)

    Well I've already purchased most of my favorite patterns of yours (and have banned myself from buying more until I make a few things), so I'll describe what I like about one of the ones I have yet to get. I really like the Blinking Peacock shawl because of the unique lines of color and the blinking effect. It has amazingly interesting visual flow.

  • Jackie Watson (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 18:46)

    I love your Wie Gemalt mitts for the unique design. Love those cables that seem Celtish to me!

  • Mary Sweeney (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 18:19)

    Your fingerless mitts are amazing. I have to make those! Thanks for sharing your work!

  • Michelle Gabalis (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 18:09)

    I love your "Promise Me a Rose Garden" pattern. It has such detail in it. It would be a fun project to try. Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

  • Denise Royal (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 16:20)

    I love Surfing the Cloud

  • Marsha Lavoie (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 16:09)

    I love Surfing the Clouds - it is so delicate and looks like it does float on the clouds.

  • Tammy Bradburn (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 16:08)

    I love your Merlon shawl.
    I like the look of the design, it's so different from the usual crescent or triangle!

  • Tanja Osswald (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 15:38)

    Thank you, Mona!

  • Mona (Sonntag, 05. März 2017 15:19)

    I love all your animals, especially Guido and Lydia. The Blinking Peacocks shawl is gorgeous.

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